Friday, November 18, 2011

Leaf it

Leaves aren't the only things that seem to be changing this season, the fall and winter hair colors are coming out like crazy! I love to watch my color inventory change through the seasons...and right now? It is all about trying to stay WARM through the winter. Lots of folks are going dark...consider a season change! And for all you blondes out there, I am not talking anything drastic. Try adding a low light to bring dimension and warmth. If you are already dark, try changing tones or add some fall colors, like red perhaps? Change is KEY to keeping a healthy relationship with your hair. Leave it alone too long, and you are bound to get bored. You don't have to chop it, but some fun new layers to change the shape, and a new tone are sure to boost your spirits just in time for the holidays.  Some of my favorite colors at the moment?
I loved Footloose, but I had a hard time focusing on anything besides how much I loved her hair. Picture doesn't do it justice, go to the movies!

My point here is, you have options. You can change it up without changing everything. Change is healthy, so let go a little and have some fun this winter.

One more little note: You should always have a long term plan with your stylist. This doesn't mean it is set in stone, you are allowed to change your mind, but by having a plan, or at least an idea of the future of your hair, we can take better care of your hair. You might not think your hair plans for next April matter this November, but they do. Just keep your stylist up to speed, and always be HONEST. As my Cosmo mag taught me this month there are three people you just shouldn't keep secrets from: You bff, your obgyn, and your hair stylist. Well said. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lay it flat

If you have any type of forward fringe, it is probably one place you are not looking for volume. Flat laying fringe can be hard to come by, but it makes a fabulous statement when achieved. Though I am sure someday it will be back, because all styles seem to return somehow,but for now the poof and tube bangs aren't usually the goal of today's women. Here is a quick tip on getting that smooth, tamed bang look.

When you hair is really wet, before you do anything else, blow dry your bangs. Get a comb, hold the dryer above your head with the nozzle down, and direct the dryer down while combing the hair straight constantly. If you have any cowlicks, blow dry and comb them opposite of the way they want to fall. This technique will eliminate any curl or band in the fringe, hopefully eliminating the need to flat iron. It also works when fighting cowlicks along the front hairline for any reason.

If you have a longer swoop bang, try blow drying it to the opposite side of how it lays then pulling them back to the correct side after they are dry. This will give them a bit of shape and life. This only works however, if you have no cowlicks and a longer fringe.

Overall, I always recommend blow drying your fringe first, as soon as you get out of the shower. This will really help tackle the issues of cowlicks the unwanted popup. Fringe responds best to blow drying rather than flat ironing or curling. Check out posts starting here for more details on all type of fringe.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stop the sizzle

Ever feel lazy and flat iron your hair before it is all the way dry? Or do you ever soak a piece of hair in product before curling and hear that sizzle and watch smoke arise from your hair? You could probably guess that these habits are NOT doing your hair any favors, but let me explain why.

What is actually happening when you hear that sizz? Think about it...what happens when you drop a bit of water into a hot stove? It sizzles and smokes off. This is essentially what you are doing to your hair. The extreme heat of your tool matched with moisture in the hair causes that amplified reaction of the water practically boiling and sizzling off. When you look at it that way I am sure you can figure out why this is a BAD idea.

I think we have all been guilty of these things at least once or twice. Change your ways today! Take the extra time to make sure your hair is completely dry, and allow product to dry before applying heat. Not only will it style better, but you will save yourself from a lot of unnecessary damage. And yes, as I always preach, USE HEAT PROTECTANT. Your hair will thank you.