Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday How To {bubble braid tutorial}

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today's style is a little different, super simple, and really fun. It is so simple it doesn't even require french braiding or twisting. Simple pony tails and normal three strand braiding are the only skills you need. It will work with all different lengths of hair and is a great way to get your hair up while taking a break from your average ponytail. Take a look!
It is really just that easy! As you can see I left mine sloppy. No need for perfection. Just toss it in and you are good to go. You can also try variations like doing a fishtail braid rather than a three strand or taking more sections to get a more "bubbly" look. Enjoy!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Feature Friday {Full Frame by Redken}

Today's product is pretty nifty.  It is a triple threat kind of product that takes care of several needs all at once. You and your wallet gotta love using ONE product to tackle several issues. It is Full Frame by Redken. Let me share a bit about this mousse.

WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone wanting VOLUME and HOLD.
WHAT DOES IT DO? Builds body and restores moisture, protects hair from heat styling, humidity, color fade, and UV rays, and provides long-lasting volume.
HOW DOES IT DO THIS? The foam is rich and moisturizing and when evenly distributed through the hair it coats each strand to protect and give hold.
HOW DO I USE IT? A little bit goes a long way. When hair is wet work a small amount evenly through all your hair.

I have just recently really started using this A LOT! I love the movable hold and volume it gives and the fact that it is protecting your hair at the same time is simply magical. Try it out!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Slow and Steady

We all know the story of The Tortoise and the Hare. Well who knew that this story could actually relate to HAIR? I am talking about the speed in which your stylist gets your hair done. I think it is a common misconception that FAST stylists = GREAT stylists. This is not always the case. More often than not, I have noticed that fast commonly equals sloppy, generic, or lacking in fine detail. I am not implying that anyone who is fast at hair is bad. Not at all. Some people really are just faster than others. I am also not saying that everyone slow is good, or that you should block out an entire day to get your hair done. But if your stylist is taking a while it might be a great thing.

You want to find someone who will take the time to make sure your hair is just the way you want it. They should take the time needed to do their very best work and you should never feel rushed to get out of their chair. Again, don't jump to extremes here, but a good detailed haircut including a wash and style on average takes around an hour. Sometimes even more if you have intense hair. My only point is rather than getting antsy and shopping around for the fastest hands around, consider that taking time might just be to your advantage. That being said, I will repeat, you should NOT be at the salon ALL DAY, or even half a day. So weigh your options, shop around, but have some patience.

Monday, August 15, 2011


The days of choosing between pitch black or bleachaholic blond are long gone. Have you noticed? Look around. Have you seen the new pallets of delicious caramels, warm light browns, and blondes with a bit more color to them? What used to be BLAH or YUCK is now fabulous! Only when carried out successfully however.  I am not talking about the tragic orange that comes from a bleach job gone bad, or the mousy light brown that could use some warmth, or even the blond that has a bit too much gold. I am referring to a fabulously rich, warm hair color that falls in between brown and blond. If you are dark and wanting to go lighter, consider this! It is a wonderful middle ground. Or if you are platinum, consider tossing in some low lights. You might be surprised at how much you like the change. This hair color can be tricky to achieve, especially if you are going from dark to lighter, so as always, I beg of you, to consult a professional.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sometimes more is more

Trying to go with the no fringe look? Or even just pinning your fringe back for the day? Well if you are new to this there might be something not quite right about your new look. Aside from simply adjusting to something new, you might want to consider changing your makeup to compliment your new bare faced look. It is simple really. Sometimes when you are used to having fringe to draw attention to your eyes, you can feel blah when it is pulled back, kind of like your face has disappeared. The answer might be as simple as darkening your brows and adding a bit more eye makeup. I am not saying you need to go crazy, but filling in your brows enough to make them visible will bring attention back to your eyes, filling in for what the bangs used to do. Darkening your brows might feel weird at first, but take some pictures of yourself. I promise you will enjoy the difference. It might just be enough to make you comfortable in your new look.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where does it come from?

I would like to have a word with everyone about highlights. It is a broad term, yes. Allow me to narrow it. I would like to discuss the origin of your highlights and the fact that it goes best unnoticed. The trend now is all about natural. And while there is nothing natural about chemically lightening your hair, the placement of these highlights should be natural. Seeing individual stripes jetting out from your part is sort of...well...yesterday? Beautiful blended colors that accentuate all the right things are really what we are going for. So next time you sit down in the styling chair, request the natural look. Natural doesn't mean going unnoticed, it just means blending properly. Highlights should light up and draw attention to your face. They should draw attention to the twist of your curl, or the peak of your wave. I hold to the belief that any head of hair can benefit from a few wisely placed highlights. Consider it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pain in the neck

If you have short hair you know what I am talking about. Those little neck hairs come back fast. Men probably know of this struggle better than anyone else. You get a nice freshly cut neckline and a week later you look scraggly again. Sure you can trim and shave it yourself...or...you can WAX IT! Does it hurt? Of course it does. But think about this. Give into 30 seconds or less of pain for WEEKS of a hairless neckline. For women, you can literally go months at a time, men it is the usual 6 week period provided by waxing. Not only does it last longer, it gets it way smoother than trimmers or even a straight blade. As someone who has had short hair most of my life, it is definitely the way to go.

Monday, August 8, 2011

While I am away

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know I will be out of town until Sunday August, 13.  The posts will continue but I will not be available for contacting or scheduling. I will be jumping right back into it when I get back though! Have a great week and thanks for reading!

Power down

I have said a million times that the reason the front of our hair breaks more and shows more damage is because that is the part we play around with the most. It is the part you see when you look in the mirror, so naturally you style it most. Here is one quick tip that might save you some damage. I learned it from a wise teacher I once had. It is so simple. Just turn off your flat iron, and THEN go over your front and fringe area. You don't need full heat, especially if you are working with a high heat iron, to make that hair obey. Fringe is fragile, so use as little heat as possible. If you have curly hair, try to get the front as straight as possible with the blow dryer so you can flat iron as little as possible. Using heat protectanct and lower heat, like an iron on the cool down, will prevent breakage and save your little hairs from too much distress.

Friday, August 5, 2011


We have discussed straightforward bangs, and side swept bangs, now we will cover the combination. This is essentially when you do straightforward bangs with a side part. Why is this appealing? Well. They are cute, but they also allow the full fringe look for those who struggle with cowlicks. They also grow out better, and are less of a bold transition. SO these are definitely something to consider if you love the look of full frontals but either aren't ready to commit or have roadblocks in your way.

The things to consider are basically the same for side swepts and full frontals. These bangs can be the perfect compromise to create a new look and style, but stay a little in your comfort zone.

One more quick thought. Adding a peekaboo anywhere in straightforward bangs can help in the transition to bold fringe. Creating a little split in the full curtain of bangs is both adorable and practical.

PS: I was getting my monthly dose of Cosmo yesterday and what did it say? That the full fringe look is what its ALL about right now. See? It isn't just me that obsesses over the dramatic look. And that my friends, ends fringe week! Sort of sad, I have so many more things I could say! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Small but mighty

I would like to introduce you to baby bangs. Perhaps you already know about them, but I think they are a well kept secret no one ever considers. When these babies are done right I adore them! They pack a punch of style in their little wisps. As with any other type of fringe they range from subtle to extreme. I happen to be sporting them currently! So. Things to consider?

  • I hate to be redundant but cowlicks and growth patterns are the biggest thing to consider when thinking about fringe. If you have a crazy hairline, I would recommend considering other options. Babies might not be for you.
  • The look. It is more of a bold look. You need to be prepared.
  • Texture. Some textures work better than others with these bangs. If you have really coarse, stick straight hair, they might present a challenge. The same can be said for really curly hair. Consult your stylist about this. I am not claiming texture would be a deal breaker, but it need to ne considered.
  • Thickness. Do you want a chunky blunt look or more of a wispy feel? Options my friends, options.
 I mentioned that this type of fringe is my current look. You might never know that about me though, even if you saw me almost every day. I most often style mine back, giving the appearance of have no fringe at all. Having the baby bangs cut though, gives me the volume and texture I want went pushing my hair back. I also like having the option of pulling them down when I want some fringe. They are very versatile.  They have allowed me to gracefully grow out my previous full frontals without going insane. 

Baby bangs are also very short. Meaning they take a long time to grow out. Make sure you are committed. 

Cutting these yourself is definitely in the DANGER ZONE. When not executed correctly, they can definitely resemble the tragedy that happens when a toddler gets a hold of scissors and goes crazy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Swept away

The most common, versatile type of fringe is the side swept bang, also known as the swoop bang. Why is it so popular? Well I think there are many reasons. First of all the side part made a huge come back years ago. So much so that it was almost unheard of to see a middle part. Of course the trend is swinging back the other way now as it always seems to do. But in these years of side parting, the swoop bang was the obvious choice. It was the most natural falling type of fringe to have. Now keep in mind that the term side bang is extremely broad. It can be translated into a million lengths, textures, and extremes. But because it offers so many variations, it made almost everyone happy, making it very popular among many different styles.

It is becoming less popular now, but sometimes it might be the best choice. You want to stay in style and follow the trends. But you also need to consider your hair, your facial features, and your own style. Of course there is always a variation to bring your look up to date, but you don't always need to jump all the way in to a new trend.  Just because it looks good on one person, doesn't mean it is necessarily the right look for you. So let's discuss how to have a successful side bang.

  • You must again consider your front hairline. Cowlicks? Crazy growth patterns? If so you must make them work to your advantage. Say you have a really strong cowlick that pushes all your fringe one direction. One way to make this work for you is part right in line with that cowlick and allow the hair to be pushed the way it wants, creating the direction for your side bangs. No fighting it.  Your other choice is to try parting far to the opposite side of the cowlick. The weight of all your hair might be enough to calm that cowlick enough to make it unnoticeable. This is ideal, because then it sort of disappears from your life. Some are too strong to be swayed by this though, but it is always worth a try. 
  • Length is another thing to consider. Do you want actual bangs or more of a side taper that blends with the rest of your hair? Do you want to be able to tuck it behind your ear? Where do you want them to fall? The most common length is to start at the eyebrow and taper down. It is a wonderful middle ground.
  • Maybe the best feature of side bangs is their low maintenance. Well cut side bangs grow out gracefully. So while the look of them will change as they get longer, they won't look terrible or overgrown. 
  • Depending on the look you are going for, there are several different ways to style side bangs. I will share my favorite. I like to blow dry the bangs the opposite direction you plan to wear them. This gives them shape and volume when you swoop them back the way you want them to go.
Side swept bangs are a fabulous option. They are easy, low maintenance, and there is usually some version that is both flattering and stylish. Word to the wise on this topic? Don't cut your own. Please? It looks easy, and some might succeed. But more often than not it ends in tragedy, or at least as a bummer needing to be fixed. Take advantage of free bang trims and take the time to do it right.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We all know the current trend in fringe. It is to have no fringe at all! Or at least to have it so long its hard to consider fringe. But the truth is it still counts and needs to be cut correctly. But allow me to say one thing. Just because the middle part, no bangs look is in, doesn't mean you should do it. It is not for everyone. That being said, don't be afraid to try. If you have had a side part with swoop bangs for years, it will rock your world and you probably won't like it at first. After you give yourself an adjustment period and you still don't like it, move on. There are other ways to be in style that might suit you better. But for those who love this look and want to rock it, here are some things to consider.

  • As far as the actual HAIR part of this style, it is the easiest to pull off. Any type or texture can wear the no bang look successfully. It is the facial features you need to consider. Large forehead? Prominent nose? These are features a middle part with no bangs will accentuate. So. Consider your face, and do what you feel best about. 
  • Having no bangs is not a free pass out of getting your haircut or even your bangs trimmed. Keeping that front taper trimmed and styled is essential in successful styling. This is however, the most low maintenance look. 
  • Don't forget that a side part with no bangs is also an option. It might be a smoother, more flattering transition into a new style. 
So how do I style this look? Depends. I most often curl is away from the face with a flat iron. Then is has movement and flow. The key is to never let them hang there straight and lifeless down the sides of your face. Even when putting your hair up, give them some life. 

Monday, August 1, 2011


It might be shark week on Discovery Channel, but it is Fringe Week here on the blog! Get excited. Each day I am going to discuss a different style of fringe and how to make it work. Today? The straightforward look. It is bold and fabulous. Cutting bangs as intense as these takes some preparation and thought, because they definitely change your whole look. Here are some things to consider.

  • Are you willing to move to a middle part? While you can pull off straight across bangs with a side part, true straightforward bangs require a middle part. 
  • Do you have cowlicks or crazy growth patterns along your front hairline that will make styling difficult? If so, it might be enough to choose a different style. Hard to handle growth patterns will make your mornings a nightmare. These trouble areas become more apparent when you cut shorter bangs because the hair gets shorter and lighter, allowing it to stick up more freely.
  • Are you prepared for the maintenance? These beauties need frequent trimming, and you can't get by with faking it very long. Soon enough you will have the good ol' tube bang from the 90's.  Most stylists offer free bang trims between appointments, but will you make the time to stop in and get it done? This is a huge consideration. This kind of fringe does not grow out gracefully like a wispy side swept look. They are sort of a commitment. 
SO if you decide you do want this new look, you will need to decide how thick you want them. This is something you should discuss with your stylist. It is important to let your hair be the boss here. If more hair wants to come forward as part of the fringe but you insist on leaving it out, you will be fighting long hairs that push themselves forward forever. Might be worth going a bit thicker and letting them in as bangs. 

And what is the biggest styling secret when it comes to bold, straightforward fringe? Right out of the shower they must be blow dried while you comb them straight down in the way you want them to fall. You don't need to dry all your hair, but styling the fringe while it is soaking wet will fight cowlicks and get your bangs to lay straight and beautiful without the aid of a flat iron. This technique is also helpful in training your hair to go a different way than it has been. Say you are going from side bangs to full frontals (as I like to call them). Blow drying the hair in the opposite direction it is used to laying will help to train that hair to go the new way. 

If I am being honest, there are few things I love more than this kind of fringe. It is such a statement. It takes guts to pull off, and adds so much style and attitude to any do. Other perks? The rest of your hair doesn't matter as much. Your fringe is what will get noticed. So whether your hair is perfectly curled, or up in a bun, you will look styled and finished. Bold fringe is the fastest way to dramatically change your hairstyle without any damage or too much commitment. Love. Happy fringe week!