Thursday, April 12, 2012

Weekend Plans

The weather has taken a cold turn today, and it looks like it will be staying all weekend. What are your plans? Here are mine. Come join me!

Hope to see you there! 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Feature Friday {Neutrogena Build a Tan}

I know, I know, I am terrible lately! I have SO many ideas and drafts I just need to get around to posting. No excuses. Anyways, I wanted to share a product is my new love.

I am so white. My dear husband even called my skin "see through" once because I am so white. I burn easily, but I love me some color! Spray tanning, and any other form of sunless tanning have always made me super nervous. It is always risky, but when you are as white as me its flirting with disaster. I always fear turning out oompa loompa style. Anyways. A lot of the lotions that have great reviews also cost a TON. And sadly, spending big dollars to get a sunless glow is not in my gradstudentwife budget. SO enough talking. I found something magical!

Neutrogena Build a Tan! It is marvelous! I have put it on about 4 times now...and I can totally see a difference BUT. No orange, no streaks, and no nasty smell. This stuff is fabulous. I even put it on my FACE people. It is great! As always use precautions like rubbing it alllllll the way in and make it as even as you can AND always wash your hands right after you put it on. Be extra careful on ankles, feet, knees, elbows and your face. Ready for the best news? I paid well under $10 for by bottle at the Wal Mart. Picked it up while grocery convenient.

Even my "see through white" skin is taking it beautifully. TRY IT. Get yourself summer ready with NO damage to your skin. WONDERFUL. Go buy some. Now.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So I recently saw something on TV that reminded me of a topic I have been meaning to discuss forever. Celebrities.

One time while watching a movie with my older, wiser, and beautiful sister, I complained that I was just so ugly compared to insert celebrity of choice. I don't even remember which one it was, but I often find myself falling short of the beauty of the stars. My sister replied with, "if you had all the help she has, you would look that glamorous too." It made me think.

Since then I have preached that attitude. If we all had a personal stylist, makeup artist, trainer, personal chef/dietitian, and everything else along with the money to fund it all...chances are we would all be perfectly glamorous. Well, recently this article proved me right. Jennifer Aniston reportedly spends $8000 a month maintaining herself. Talk about help? She has it. 

Now I am not judging Jenifer (though like she'd care if I did). If I had her bank account I wouldn't mind dropping some serious cash on self preservation. But the next time you feel blah compared to the rich and famous, remember they aren't doing it alone, or on a budget. It is not realistic for us normal folks. So don't get down. You are beautiful. Sounds cliche but it is a strong belief of mine. No matter what, you are beautiful. 

Pamper yourself sometimes, and make the best of what you have. Everyone deserves to feel glamorous, but more importantly, everyone deserves to FEEL beautiful.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Bridal Affair

I have mentioned before how much I love working with brides. Well last week was a special treat. My very dear friend, who often works as my model on this blog, got married! The day was beautiful, and since you all probably feel like you know her by now, I thought I would share her wedding hair with you.I would ask her permission, but who wants to hear from their hairstylist on their honeymoon...I don't think she will care. She was a beautiful bride.
Gorgeous girl, right? Photography by Amanda Peterson, who (whom?) I also love.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday How To on Wednesday

Just another way to put your hair up. It can be done a million ways, and the less perfect the better. Take a look.
This can be done with shorter hair and you will just need one knot. You could also do more sections to make it knottier. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Think about it.

Happy Day of Love everyone! I hope you all do something you love today, and I hope you are all loving your hair! I did something drastic last night and it inspired me to share something with you all. Let's talk a little bit about pixie haircuts. I love them, but they are not something you should ever jump into on a whim. They are a commitment. Allow me to explain 5 things you should consider before taking the plunge.

  1. Hair texture. I think pixie cuts work best on finer, softer hair types. Coarse hair can be really hard to work with at such a short length. I also think straight hair tends to transition to super short cuts a little bit better. Getting crazy curls to do what you want can be nearly impossible. These are generalizations though, your stylist can give you an individual consult to see if a pixie is right for your hair. The right curl can actually be amazing for a short style.
  2. Face shape. This should always be a consideration when choosing a hair style. We often use a haircut to mask things you don't love about your face shape, and accentuate the things you do love. With a pixie, there is no hiding. It really opens up and exposes your face. For this reason, I think they work best on oval or heart shaped faces.
  3. The grow out. Pixie hair cuts are seriously rough to grow out, and they go through some awkward, funky stages before becoming something you will love again. It isn't a reason to NOT cut your hair short, but you deserve to know the truth. Life will be rough for a few months, though there are always things to make your life easier. (side extensions anyone?)
  4. Lack of material. Though I think short hair can be very versatile (wait for my pixie styling post), you are also limited. Especially with really short styles, things like curling, braiding, and any fort of ponytail are not really possible. If you love to do all sorts of things like that, you might miss your length.
  5. The type of pixie. Pixie is a generic term for short hair, but you have a lot of options when it comes to going short. Take the time to do your research. Look at all the pictures you can and identify what you like and don't like. Also consult with your stylist to work around any cowlicks you might have. TAKE YOUR TIME. You should want to cut a pixie for at least a month before you do it. That way you know you really want it. 
Always talk to your stylist about your specific hair and any concerns you might have. Pixie cuts are SO much fun, but not always for everyone. 

I thought I would show you MY hair! And if you were wondering, yes. I felt awkward taking pictures of myself in my front yard, but it seemed more awkward to ask someone else to do it for me. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday How To

This is a simple and SO versatile style. I have super short hair, but love this as a way to get my bangs back. If you have longer hair is a fun way to get it all up, or pushed to one side. Watch!

Quick, easy, and a nice change up from french braiding...also easier in my opinion. Enjoy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

As promised

A while ago I posted a picture of a hair style and said the tutorial was coming...well months later here it is!
Tie it off in a twisted bun at the bottom. So extremely easy. Try it. Today.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love it.

I will keep it short and sweet today, but know there are many tutorials and tips coming up in the next few weeks, stay tuned! As for today...I read this quote in an article someone posted to Facebook..
"You want to know the real best form of exercise? It’s the one you love. It’s the one you are motivated to do regularly and train hard at. It’s the one you want to keep improving at. That one is best."
I LOVED this. I completely agree. Now why am I posting this on a hair blog? Because it applies to everything. You want to know the best hairstyle for you? It's the one you love. Style, and hair type are definite considerations, but when it comes down to it what is important is YOU loving YOUR hair when you look in the mirror. Be true to your own personal style, and do your hair how you love it. My job is to help you find that style you love. Your job is to be comfortable enough to be whatever style you like most. Deal? Great.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday How To {half and half}

Today's style is a little different, but I thought it was fun. It is french twist meets french braid, so at least it is all French! Not too difficult.

There you have it! Different right? I just like the random twisted, braided look. Thought it was fun. Give it a go!      

Friday, January 13, 2012

Feature Friday {TweteBird Headbands}

We all love our hair to look fabulous, but sometimes function beats out style. Right? Wrong. It does not have to. Today I want to talk about working out. For me, I like my hair off and away from me. I get sweaty, and my hair touching me drives me crazy. I like headbands because they keep my hair back really well, but can also add a little style to my work out.

 If I am being honest, I rarely care what my hair looks like while working out, but if I go to a class, or anywhere in public, I try to make it nice just for the benefit of others who have to look at me. Anyways. I have struggled finding the right headband. They slide off or squeeze tight, or sometimes both. I ran a race this past fall and attended the expo the day before. This is where I found TweteBird Headbands. I fell in LOVE.

The bands are not only adorable, they are a dream to wear. The are backed in an anti slip fabric so they do not move. At all. I ran 26.2 miles, dumped water on my head repeatedly, and rode 5 hours in the car while sleeping, and still had to peel that thing off when I got home. And yet? No headache, no pain at all. It has an adjustable section in the back so you can make it the perfect size for your head. Not all heads are the same size and shape, being able to personalize your headband makes all the difference. That combined with the cute design and anti slip backing, this headband is the way to go. AMAZING. 

So just in time for all those working out New Year's resolutions I bring to your attention God's gift to your work out. Go take a look! They are so cute they might just make you want to go work out.
Here is me in mine, post race. Perfectly in place.

Get your own HERE

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hair and Jewelry and Everything Nice {Stella & Dot}

First things first, I love hair. Not only the doing it part, but for what it does for a person. Hair changes lives, and I don't think that is too bold a statement. But you already know how I feel about that, and obviously that is why I do what I do. BUT. Did you know I also have another love? Jewelry, my friends. I love jewelry. Always have, most likely always will. So today I would like to share a story.

A few months ago my very fashionable sister in law introduced me to Stella & Dot. I loved their stuff right away, but didn't give it much thought. A few weeks later she told she she had become a stylist for them and asked me if I would throw a party. Let me preface this by saying I am often asked to throw parties for various things and I always say no...just not my thing. But I have a lot of faith in my dear sister in law, and I loved the jewelry so much I wanted to share with my friends and family! So I threw the party, and I was a little disappointed with the turn out, only because I knew if people saw it they would love it. I got enough from that party that I was given quite a bit of jewelry credit to spend on fabulous Stella & Dot jewelry. I spent that credit quickly....and decided I was hooked.

About a month later I signed up to be a stylist myself. This was so opposite of things I normally do, but I just LOVE this stuff. I now feature it in my salon, and show it to anyone who will listen! I love it because it is nice, quality jewelry but at a decent price point. I mean I love getting jewelry for gifts, but I love beautiful, bold pieces and to get REAL stuff the way I like it? It would be thousands. This stuff is perfect because it is such better quality then the Forever 21 rack, and still won't break the bank. Looking at it online and in catalogs is fun, but you have got to see this stuff in person. The parties are so much fun, just a girl's night out trying on stunning jewelry. If you haven't heard of it, go take a look! I was totally converted and am a definite believer. I love them even more now that I decided to return a necklace last week and before I even sent mine back my replacement arrived. SO quick, SO easy. Yes, I am basically a Stella & Dot cheerleader.

They just came out with their spring line, and as always, I love way too many things. You can see it all here...let me show you some of my favorites.

I could go on forever, and I kind of already did. Go check them out. There is something for everyone. I promise you will love it. Jewelry takes a snooze fest outfit to a WOW outfit. A few fun pieces can transform your entire look. SO. MUCH. FUN. Thanks for reading! Glad I could share my current obsession with you.

*if you think you MIGHT be interested in throwing your own party, become a stylist, or have any questions at all feel free to email me at

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday How To {hot cross buns}

Today's do is a versatile one. You could wear it all dressed up, or to the gym. It looks more complicated than it is, which is always nice. Here ya go...

If you want it to be faster and easier, instead of multiple little braids in the bun you can do just one or two, or if you want it to be more intense, you can take smaller sections in the french fishtail making it more woven.  

Try it! I dare you.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Razor Cut

Just a quick thought today. I LOVE cutting with a razor. I mean I love my shears, but razor cutting really excites me. They both have a time and a place, and there are times when I wouldn't recommend getting a razor cut. A lot of people seem to be a little hesitant to have a razor used on their hair, and rightly so. A razor can cause damage, and create problems if not used correctly. BUT. When a razor is used correctly it can do wonderful things to your hair. Allow me to explain a few things a love about a razor cut.

  • It gives your ends a soft finish. It takes care of that "I just got my hair cut" harsh line, but still takes care of dead ends.
  • It creates insane amounts of texture. This will do WONDERS for your styling. It will increase volume, and give a whole new level of dimension to your do.
  • Remember when we talked about the shelf? None of that happening when the razor comes to town.
I just love it! There are things to be cautious of. If you have really thin, fine hair, curly frizzy hair, or highly damaged/bleached hair a razor cut might not be for you. Only your stylist can really evaluate if it is right for you. But please, consider it! It might just change everything.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Feature Friday

Today's product is super cool. It is called So Silver by Matrix. It is a shampoo, a purple shampoo in fact. Let me tell ya all about it.

Who is it for? Anyone with unwanted gold tones in their hair.
What does it do? It has a strong purple hue, and actually tones your hair with every wash, using the purple to counteract the gold. Nifty!!
How do I use it? You can definitely over use this product, causing your hair to look dull, gray, and ashy. So be careful. Washing once or twice a week with this stuff will do the trick.

This stuff is fantastic for at home toning. Even if your stylist tones your hair at the salon, it can fade, causing the unwanted tones to return before your next color. This is a quick, easy way to take care of that all on your own! But like I said, use with caution, you can definitely over do it! Happy Friday everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Give them what they want! {pop out french braid}

I had a request (yay!) for a tutorial. This one was so easy and fast I thought it could not wait until a Tuesday. I was asked to show how to do a pop out french braid. It is just a normal french braid, but backwards! See?
Thanks to my last client of the day yesterday who was nice enough to let me use them for this tutorial. Some people automatically french braid this way...if I am being honest...this way is a struggle for me. Its hard to make my brain work backwards. 

I love getting requests! Not just for tutorials but any random hair related questions you might have. Happy Friday Eve everyone!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Even before I did hair, the sight of terrible layers caught my eye. It wasn't until hair school that I learned what causes these non-blended, shelf looking layers to occur. While I won't share with you the cutting techniques to avoid this sad situation, I wanted to give you a few tips, as a client, to avoid leaving with jacked up layered hair.

  1. I have said it before, but don't leave with wet hair!!! Shelves hide in wet hair. By having the stylist dry it, she should see things that need a little more work, but if she doesn't, you can! 
  2. That brings me to my next tip. Check your own haircut. Don't be shy. Play with it, look at it from all angles, do whatever you want. It is your hair, you have the right to give it a good look over and request changes.
  3. Last of all, make sure there is good communication between you and your stylist. This is important for many reasons, but in this case, "layers" can be a vague term. You need to discuss length, texture, intensity, and blending for all areas of your head to really be on the same page. Use words like blended, soft, or subtle if you are wanting longer, light layers. Be careful with words like choppy or heavy. Although more intense layers are awesome, you want to be clear that you still want the hair blended. One more thing to be cautious about is saying you want a taper or layers to frame your face. These often end in shelving, be very specific about how intense you want it.You can't talk enough when explaining your expectations.
This is also when it is important to choose a stylist wisely. Find someone you are comfortable with, and who takes their time to ensure you have fabulous hair. You also need to agree with your stylists style, we all have our own touch whether we like it or not, you need to make sure you like what we have to offer.

In the event it is too late, and you are currently living with terribly choppy, undesirable layers, do not fret! There are people to help. If you aren't comfortable returning to the same stylist, ask around for a referral. I have spent many hours fixing layers. A little texturizing and blending can go a long way and really help you feel better about your hair.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday How To {push up french braid}

Today's tutorial is nothing too new, but for those out there who like to wear your hair up often, you can't have too many quick ways to pull it back. It is a nice way to change up your average french braid, and is also great because it requires NO french braiding if you struggle with that then this is the do for you!

Ready, set, go!

You can tie off each push up with a small elastic to make it more secure and easier to manage. You could also do this with tying actual knots in your hair rather than push up braid knots...I will show you that one another time. I like this do because it is a little bit braid, a little bit knotty, and its so easy.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Guess who's back...back again!

Tell a friend! I am back! I know I totally dropped off the edge here, but I have returned with many tips, tricks, and tutorials to make you love your hair in 2012! The fun all starts back tomorrow...hope to see you then!