Monday, May 30, 2011

I beg your pardon...

Sort of had a bit of a flooded basement over the biggy but we can't return home until Wednesday...the posts shall return then! So sorry for the break. Good hair til we meet again!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Feature Friday

So I have said a lot about heat protection lately. Today's feature is continuing this tangent. I would like to introduce you to Beyond the Zone's Turn Up the Heat spray heat protectant. This is a fabulous one size fits all heat protectant.

Who is it for? Anyone using heat to style their hair.
What does it do? Protects your hair from heat, duh.
How does it do this?  As a spray protectant, it lightly coats your hair in its protective formula.
How do I use it? After your hair is dry and before you flat iron or curl it, lightly spray your hair. Keep it off your roots to avoid looking greasy. Also remember a little goes a long way, don't over saturate.

So I usually say I prefer heat protection that is included in your shampoo and conditioner or in a pre blow dry lotion because you need to be protected through your blow dry too. However, this is wonderful for the days you don't wash your hair but still use heat to style it. It also smells fabulous and gives your hair a sleeker look, so it is great all around!

Most of the products I feature can only be purchased through a licensed salon or stylist, but this one you can find at your local Sally's Beauty Supply! It is super affordable and your hair will thank you.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blame it on the band.

I have mentioned before there are primarily two different types of hair damage. There is chemical and mechanical. Chemical damage is cause by lightening, perming, or any other chemical processing you put your hair through. Today I would like to say a word about mechanical damage.

Mechanical damage is caused by the physical stress you cause to your hair. One of the biggest causes is the beloved ponytail. Wearing a pony repeatedly in the same general place can cause breakage. Clipping your hair in the same place can do the same thing. Now don't stress, I am not saying you should never wear a pony. But to avoid breakage here are some things to remember...

  • Use a covered elastic. NEVER use an exposed rubber band in your hair. Breakage city.
  • Try to change up where you sport your pony. High, low, or side to side.
  • Don't wrap it sooooo tight. Use enough tension to hold it in but there is no need to tighten it to the point of no return.
  • Let your hair down. Life sometimes requires we wear our hair up, but when you have the chance, let it down. Give it some time to breathe.
If the damage is done have no fear. Just start changing your ways and be loving to your locks. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pill popping.

It is common knowledge that prenatal vitamins are said to improve the strength of your nails as well as make your hair grow faster. What do I say? I say why not! They are fabulous vitamins for women to be taking even when not making a baby. While I don't think the changes are so amazingly drastic you will notice a ton, I do think they help your hair and nails. It is simple. Vitamins help hair and nails. Prenatals are packed with things women need. So why not? Give it a try. It definitely won't do anything BAD to you. And maybe you will see a difference. You have nothing to lose. I pick these ones up from good ol' Walmart. Easy. Cheap. And potentially fabulous.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The best hair day of your life.

I know it is Tuesday but can you hear the bells? It is wedding season and I love it! No matter your relationship status I am sure you can enjoy a little bit of wedding hair. I thought I would share a few of my current favorite ways to walk down the aisle along with a few tips for the big day.

There are so many things that go in to planning your bid day. The way you look? Tends to float it's way right to the top of the list. So what are some things to do to assure you are picture perfect saying "I do"?

  • Think about it. It might sound silly, but you need to put some serious thought as to what you want to look like. What kind of bride do you want to be? Don't just assume you need to be a classic bride or do things the way people "expect". Be your own bride!
  • Shop around. Finding a stylist to fit your needs and style is crucial. It is worth using a bit of your budget on this. Don't settle for a friend doing your hair and makeup just because it is free. 
  • A thorough consultation is vital. While I never do a "practice run", it is important to actually meet with your stylist, play around, and really make sure you are on the same page. Why is doing a trial run not always smart? It is almost impossible to do the exact same thing twice. It can complicate expectations and really isn't necessary.
  • Give yourself enough time. Schedule a long enough block for hair and makeup to allow you to be comfortable. You will be stressed enough without worrying about falling behind schedule.
  • Schedule a potential touch up for mid day. Depending on your wedding itinerary you might get a little worn out looking by the time the evening events begin. Either schedule a time with your stylist to be freshened up or ask for directions to do it yourself. 
  • This may seem obvious, but freshly colored. Fade and regrowth have no place in the wedding party.
  • Wear a lot of make up applied correctly. After arriving home from getting my makeup done for my bridals I came home and headed to the bathroom to wash my face. Luckily, my wise older sister intervened. I thought I looked crazy because I had never worn that much makeup. Turns out, it was perfect. My pictures looked fabulous. It might seem dramatic, but you need more makeup than usual for a day of photographs and glam. I also recommend not doing your own makeup. It will be one less thing to worry about and will most likely end up better in the hands of a professional. 
  • Be yourself. I had short hair when I got married. I had many people ask if I would be getting extensions. While I am a huge extension advocate, especially for special occasions, I didn't feel like they made sense for me. I have had short hair all my life, wouldn't it look weird if all of a sudden just for one day of my life I suddenly had long locks? For me, I thought it was better to be more myself. I am a short hair person, even as a bride. Don't be afraid to let your own style shine through. You should feel like yourself on your wedding day, the very BEST version of yourself. 
  • Explore your accessory options. Tiara, veil, flower, feather, headband, or none of the above. You have options. Consider them.
  • Look both ways before going trendy. Everyone loves an in style bride, but consider your photos years from now. Do you want to scream the year you were married in simply by your hairstyle? It is totally cool if you do. Just consider it.
So there is my list of thoughts when it comes to wedding hair. You need to love it. You will look at pictures of it the rest of your life. Don't settle, and PLAN!

So what do I love for weddings these days? A few words come to mind. Soft. Natural. Texture. Wish I had better pictures but the hair I REALLY love, is in my head waiting to happen.
with the hairpiece of your choice
LC does no wrong

sorry...just love

Yep I am on the royal bandwagon. Love half up elegance.

Love the face exposure.

A new breed of updo
Summer vibes
Well there are some of my current faves. If you haven't notice, I love weddings! Brides are some of my very favorite clients. So congrats if a wedding is in your future! Have a blast!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Did you know... really only need to condition the ENDS of your hair? By "ends" in this context I mean everything except the root area. Maybe this is obvious, but when I learned this little gem I felt enlightened. The mid shaft and ends of your hair are the parts that need to be nourished and detangled. Using conditioner on your root will only add to build up, waste your product, and cause your hair to look dirtier faster. Now you know!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Feature Friday

Today's feature is a product that is perfect for everyone's hair. Everyone. It is Aveda's Light Elements Texturing Creme. Smells great and gives the perfect finishing touch to any do.

Who is it for? Everyone. Seriously. Even little kids and some men.
What does it do? It is like no other pomade type product out there. It is nice and light, but has fabulous hold. It kills fly aways and baby hairs and it ideal for assisting in braiding, twisting, and any other little syle. I also love just running it through your finished hair after you style.
How does it do this? I think it is magic. Just kidding, but really, there is nothing else like it. It manages hair like a thick paste but feels light and clean. Amazing I promise!
How do I use it? A little bit goes a long way, so one container will last forever. It is so versatile. I love just taking a bit and rubbing it on my fingers, then go over anywhere you have fly aways or unruly hairs. Then I run it through the ends to give a sleek finished look.
I can't imagine anyone not loving this. It is amazing! It is an investment your hair will thank you for.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Special

As promised, here is a more legit tutorial. It is simple, fast, and versatile. Check it out.

1. Style your hair as usual. Straight or curly will work. I prefer this off a middle part but you can work it on a side as well. It also works great with or without bangs and with many different lengths of hair. Here's what is next.
2. Repeat on the other side then secure both twists together where they meet in the back. If you have shorter hair they might not reach all the way to the back. Just bobby pin them wherever they end, it will work I promise.
3. You can clean up your twists with some pomade or hairspray. Then you are done!

I like this little diddy because is quickly spices up wearing your hair down. This way you still get the beauty and ease of wearing your hair down but it is a little more interesting and is great for pinning back annoying hair that falls in your face.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mullet got ya down?

A common struggle I hear from my clients is the feeling of having an unwanted mullet. What could have started as a frontal taper to frame your face can sometimes evolve into a shocking resemblance of that fabulous style from the 80's. My advice? Well first of all be wary of cutting a taper. You don't need to go big or go home here. A very subtle taper can definitely do the trick, so watch it!

So what if it is too late to go back? The taper is cut. What now? You might have noticed that side hair is particularly tricky to grow out. Here is why and some things that might help.

  • The hair on the sides tends to grow slower.
  • The hair around our face is usually the most damaged. We care about it the most because it is what we see while styling our hair. Therefore it endures the most drying, flat ironing, and torture. This makes it break off more, which cancels out any growing it might do. The front is fragile. That's it. 
  • There are ways to help! First of all, be kind! Use heat protection and try to use as little heat as possible while working with the front. Try to be gentle and not flat iron the same piece 50 times in one morning.
  • Trim often. Getting that dead stuff off will help restore the health of your hair.
  • Take a little off the back. No one seems to want to part with their length. But taking a bit off the back can help close the gap between your overall length and the mullet in the front. It might just be worth it. The sides will never catch up if you don't give them a little help.
  • And last? Extensions. I do a lot of partial extensions. By adding some just to the sides you can fix your problem fast and look great!
So be kind and mindful of the front of your hair. With the proper care, you will be out of that mullet in no time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday How To

Confession. This is a cheater how to post. It was Tuesday and late all of a sudden. You can see how desperate I am because I am making a personal appearance on here! I was my own model, and I am in my pajamas. My apologies for having to watch me rather than my beautiful models. I promise a legit one later this week. PROMISE. But today I do have a helpful how to tip! It is obvious and you might already be doing it but I often get asked, mostly by frizzy haired beauties, "how come I can't get my hair as straight and smooth as you when I do it at home"? Well a lot plays into it. Product, tools, and the fact it is easier to do other people's hair is definitely a part of it. But there is one thing I do most don't do at home.

I follow a comb when I flat iron. Yes, it is that simple. See?

So there. Try that. It takes a bit more time and might feel awkward at first but you won't believe what a difference it makes. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Save yourself

It happens to everyone. You start to notice that it is maybe time to get your hair done....then BAM! One morning it just goes too far. Your cut is too grown out to function and your color has completely deflated. You want your hair done NOW. So you call...and there are no openings NOW. So what do you do?

Do you go to someone else? Do you walk in a random corner salon you have never been to? Do you color your hair yourself? Or do you actually tough it out until you can get in? How about none of the above.

You can save yourself all these potential disasters by simply re-booking at every appointment. It is so simple. When you are checking out just go ahead and make your next appointment right then and there. This is fabulous for so many reasons.

  • Be re-booking in advance you are guaranteed a spot when you need it.
  • A lot of people say they don't want to rebook because they don't know their schedule that far in advance. This is understandable, but it often works to schedule around your pre made hair appointment and if it gets close and you realize it really won't work, you can call and reschedule. You would have had to call anyways.
  • How long should you go between appointments? The standard recommendation is 6-8 weeks. If you have a short, high maintenance cut or a color dramatically different than your natural, you might want to go fewer weeks. If you are lower maintenance you might be able to stretch it a bit further.
  • Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the things people do to their own hair when desperate are often frightening. It is so much easier to be patient or pre-book than to have to go through a cut or color correction to fix what you did while desperate. So save yourself the pain.
It is a very easy concept that will potentially save you a lot of stress. And hey, it will give you something to look forward to. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Feature Friday

Today I will feature my personal favorite shampoo and conditioner. It is Redken Real Control. Once upon a time I decided I wanted to be platinum, so I bleached my hair time and time again until it was sort of nasty. It was constantly dry and puffy and so very damaged. I tried a lot of different things to try to help it out. This was my favorite.

Who is it for? People with chemically damaged, dry hair.
What does it do? Repairs protein lacking, damaged hair and adds deep conditioning moisture. This also makes stubborn, frizzy, hard to handle hair a little softer and more manageable.
How does it do this? It contains both conditioners and protein that get into the hair and moisturize and repair at the same time.  This will actually strengthen and improve the quality of your hair. It fixes it rather than masking it.
How do I use it? Just wash and condition as usual!

I really have seen this product transform my own hair along with many of my clients. My favorite part is that is moisturizes while strengthening. You get the best of both worlds.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A word on heat.

I have mentioned a million times that using a heat protectant is VITAL to the safety of your hair. No matter how hot your tools, you should be using one. About how hot your tools are...

There is really no need for everyone to be using the maximum heat setting on all their styling tools every day. Before you crank up the heat, stop to think! If you have thin, fine, soft hair, you do NOT need extreme heat. Maybe for a special occasion or every now and then, but daily? No way. If you have thick, coarse, stubborn hair you might want to use a higher heat on a more regular basis. Just keep it protected! 

High heat is really nice. It helps you go faster and helps things stay longer. But I often see these little soft haired people over frying their hair. It just isn't necessary. Consider lowering the heat. It will save you from damage and becoming a straw head. 

So what am I really getting at? Consider getting tools that have heat settings. That way you can change the temperature to what is really best for your hair, but you have the option to crank it up every now and then. When it comes to the temp of your tools, one size doesn't necessarily fit all. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here's an idea.

Braid your hair loosely after you shower and sleep on it. The next morning the loose wave that is left behind after you take out the braid will make your job easier for the day. You can try sectioning it into three or four braids to enhance the waves or if you have shorter hair. Just touch it up in the morning and off you go!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday How To

Today's style literally takes 2 minutes. It is something I am sure most of you know how to do, and have done at some point in your life. I tossed it in the lovely Marianne's hair late one night after we had been recording some other tutorials. It is fast, simple, and a fun way to add just a little something extra. Please excuse the sideways video, and the imperfections of the do. It was late, we went fast, and you will get the main idea! I decided to do it in half up hair but you could use it in any ponytail you like!

1. Pull your hair half up loosely and tie with an elastic.

2. Do this!

3. AND you are done. Told you it was insanely easy. I also like doing it with a a full ponytail then wrapping the tail in a bun underneath the twist. It is sleek and adorable. It also looks great with curled hair. Have fun with it and create a million different variations!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Make it last.

Number one complaint I get now that curled hair is the way to go? My hair won't hold curl! Oh but it will. Here are a few things that might help. Keep in mind I am referring to a hot set curl, not getting your hair to go naturally curly.

  • Product. There are zillions of curl aid products. At the end of the day what do I like most? Good old classic hairspray. Professional strength aerosol hairspray will do the job. It will seal your curls like cement without making them crispy or flaky. After you are all curled up, just mist away! The key here is PROFESSIONAL strength and formulation. In this case, it makes a big difference. I just about dunk my head in this stuff after I curl, but no one would know it. I keep the soft look but get the tough hold. Love.
  • HEAT! Time to make an investment my friends. You need a HOT curling iron. Heat has an amazing power over hair. If you want smooth, beautiful curls that last, you might need to toss the Wal-Mart special and invest in a new iron. It really is an investment. It will curl faster and hold longer. Totally worth it. My favorite brand? Hot Tools. They are affordable and definitely do the trick. Remember to use a heat protectant ALWAYS!
  • Technique. To get a wonderfully shaped curl that withstands the test of time, start curling from the root rather than the ends. If you slide your iron to the very ends then roll it up, only the ends are getting maximum heat and curl. By starting at the root and working your way down, every inch of the strand is receiving that heat and shape. It will cause the entire strand to curl, not just the ends. 
Those are my top three tips for long lasting curl. You can always try taking smaller sections at a time and using a pre-blow dry styling aid as well. I have never met a head of hair I couldn't get to curl. If you are still struggling after trying these things, email me and we will see what's up!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Feature Friday

Today's feature is a product EVERYONE should be using. If not this very one, at least something like it. Satin Wear by Redken is the one I am lovin' these days. I have tried many, but always end up coming back to this one. Is it the smell? Is it the softness? Maybe both!

Who is it for? EVERYONE.
What does it do? Smooths frizz, prevents breakage and most importantly protects your hair from heat.
How does it do this? It is a blow dry lotion which means you put it in before you even dry your hair. This gives you the heat protection you need from blow dry to finishing work. It also contains filters and anti-oxidants to protect hair color from UV fade.
How do I use it? After towel drying your hair apply a pump or two of product and work it all the way through your hair. Then style as usual.

As usual this product smells fantastic. It is a simple product that really should be in everyone's daily regimen. Even if you don't choose this very one, PLEASE use heat protection daily!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hot momma!

Meet Brita. Brita is a talented singer/songwriter and also a very busy mother of four. Brita was getting a bit tired of her brown with blonde highlights "a line" hair do. So we decided to change it up! It was so much fun, I had to share!

When we started brainstorming on ideas of how to change it up, we thought extensions would be a lot of fun and definitely give the dramatic look we were going for. But there are a lot of things to consider before jumping into extensions. Not only are they an investment, they can be a lot of work. It is always best to consider your lifestyle and all your options before taking the plunge.

There are TONS of options when it comes to choosing extensions. I will save that for another post, but let me explain why I did what I did with Brita. As I mentioned before, she is an extremely busy woman. As if four kids weren't enough, she is always busy recording new songs and videos and working from home. Her hair needed to be stunning AND practical. She also has a lot of sun and swimming coming her way in the next few months. Because of these things, I advised against a more "permanent" extension. They can be high maintenance and time consuming and you have to take care of them. So I made Brita a custom set of clip in extensions.

How do they work? Pretty simple really. They are extensions you can simply clip in and take out on your own whenever you please. As with everything, there are pros and cons.

  • They cause no damage to your hair.
  • They don't have the maintenance of ever needing to be tightened.
  • You can take them out whenever you don't feel like dealing with long hair.
  • They don't cause discomfort as some other methods might.
  • You can take them out for washing and styling purposes.
  • They feel like a fun accessory.
  • They are ideal for special occasions to add a bit of length or thickness.
  • They are more affordable than other methods.
  • When taken care of properly, the hair can last you longer than other methods.
  • It can be difficult and time consuming to get them in and out each morning.
  • They usually aren't as perfectly blended as other methods.
  • A hard tug from a toddler or anything else can pull one out, potentially leading to an awkward situation.
  • They can't take super short to long, they have more limitations than other methods.
I can't say clip ins are my FAVORITE extension, but they can be ideal for some people. As you can see, I think Brita looks fabulous! 

You might be thinking why not just go buy your own clip ins from the beauty supply? Why should a stylist be involved? By getting a custom set you will guarantee they fit your head, match your color, and your natural hair can be texturized as well as the extension hair cut to make it all blend nicely. Also, we use higher quality hair that will look better and last longer. That is why a stylist should be involved. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Are you a stylist hopper? Do you go to someone different every time and no one seems to get it right? Well I have a thought on this matter. I recommend to stay with someone for 3-5 times before really deciding to make the switch. Why?

  • It is very rare that someone will give you everything you have ever dreamed of in one sitting. So unless something beyond terrible happened, or you can't stand their personality, give them another chance. 
  • Touching up someone else's work is not always easy. So when I am working off of something someone else has done, I don't consider it my best work. Your hair will look better if the same person consistently works on it. 
  • If you are going to someone new to fix what a previous stylist has done, it might take more than one sitting to get it back to where you want it. Again, miracles can't always happen in one sitting.
  • When a stylist gets to know YOU and your HAIR it helps them. They can think of new styles for you, they know what will work well with your hair, and they can make you feel more comfortable speaking your mind. 
So let me qualify all this by saying if your experience was terrible and you hated everything about everything I don't think you need to go back. But if nothing really bad happened and you are ok with it, try sticking with the same person. Now what are a few things to look for in a stylist?
  • Someone who takes time to listen and discuss your hair with you at the beginning of EVERY appointment.
  • Someone who makes a point to seek continuing education to stay current.
  • Someone who is willing to leave their comfort zone and do new things.
  • Someone who respects the integrity of your hair and cares about keeping it at its best.
  • Someone who makes you feel comfortable and you enjoy chatting with.
  • Someone who stands by their work.
Stylists are a dime a dozen out there. All of them want you to choose them. Consider your needs, and choose the right fit for you. Then stand by them! If you are a stylist bouncer you are starting from scratch every time which makes everything harder than it should be.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday How To

I have had a few people ask for some more ways to wear their hair up. I will address this fully in an upcoming post, but I thought I would demo a SUPER fast up-do that you might not have thought of before. It literally takes less than 10 minutes and it GREAT for all different lengths of hair. I often do it to my above the shoulder length hair. Here goes!

1. Part your hair where you please. I usually choose a side part but either way is great.

2. Repeat on the other side.

3. After your twists are done and secured, simply pull your hair into a ponytail. You can leave it like that if you would like. I like twisting into a simple bun. If your hair happened to be curly the day before, chances are you will have a nice elegant pony already done for you! It is always great to make the most of any hair do. Use it as many ways as possible. Change it up and try different ways of styling the hair in the back.

4. To add a finishing touch use some pomade to put unruly fly aways to rest. And you are done! Piece of cake huh?

Monday, May 2, 2011


We are going to take a time out from hair today to allow me to share something else I am passionate about. GLITTER TOES! Chances are most of you have heard of glitter toes by now, but have you experienced them? Please let me share why they are the best invention in the world and why I love them with my heart and soul.

  • They are adorable. Their cuteness tops even the most magical polish. Pictures do not do them justice. They shine and sparkle more than you can imagine.
  • They last for SIX WEEKS! Show me a polish that can do THAT.
  • They always look nice. Always. No more sandal anxiety.
  • They can make even the craziest looking foot instantly fabulous. So don't be ashamed if you have crazy feet. You will be in love I promise.
  • They are durable. Mine have always lasted through running, swimming, and even long hikes in my super stylish hiking sandals (sarcasm).
  • They cost LESS than even a bargain pedicure. It is sort of a no brainer. Cuter, longer lasting toes for less than a pedi? Sign me up!
  • They are gel, not acrylic. So there is no bad smell!
Want some more good news? My dear friend Stacy, who I met my very first day of hair school, is going to be offering glitter toes from my salon on select days. She is only charging $20 for a full set (less for girls under 12), and let me tell you she is the BEST around. Your toes will be perfectly smooth, shiny, and will last for weeks. We guarantee it! So don't miss out. Let your toes come out and enjoy the sun and be proud to flash them around. Email me with questions and for appointments! Embrace the summer weather that is on its way!