Thursday, September 29, 2011

Get artistic

So thanks to good old facebook, I saw my friend had done something awesome to her nails. She posted the link to the tutorial, and I swiped it to share with you guys! It is how to do watercolor nail art. It looks harder than it is, but it does take a bit of practice. This tutorial, random polishes you already have at home, toothpicks, and tape are all you need! Give it a try!
There are other tutorials you can try too if this one is confusing at all. The part I found tricky was stirring the polish to make you design in the water, you just need to do it really fast and get your finger dipped in. Don't be too picky or aim for perfection...random is what we want! Have fun!

*I want to hear from you! Please send me any questions, tutorial requests, or pictures of your successes in tutorial do's or even these watercolor nails!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Red today, gone tomorrow

I have often thought that red heads are some of the luckiest people when it comes to hair color. Why? Well in my opinion achieving a natural red through hair color is very difficult. It almost always looks "dyed". Which to me is not a bad thing...the day someone thinks my hair color is natural is the day I go home and change it up drastically. Anyways, it is possible to get that natural red unnaturally, but even if you do...keeping up with it can be demanding. If you have ever had artificial red hair, in any form, natural looking or vibrant, you know that it fades like nobody's business. Why? It all comes down to science my friends.

Permanent hair color works by opening the cuticle of the hair and allowing the color molecules to penetrate the hair shaft and settle inside. Over time these molecules fade and come out causing the hair color to fade. The reason red seems to fade the fastest is because red is the largest color molecule. So it doesn't penetrate as deep and comes our faster.

What can you do? Well all the normal answers apply...wash your hair less, wash it in cooler water when you do wash, and use a color protecting shampoo. Sadly, even with every precaution it is simply a fact that red will fade faster than other colors. There is one other option to consider. There are shampoos that actually have gradual hair color in them. So every time you wash it will deposit a little red onto your hair. These can be nice to keep your color fresh longer. They have them in all different colors, so consult your stylist for the one that will fit you best. 

My primary advice when going red is just to make sure you understand the commitment. You will need to color and refresh your color regularly to keep it vibrant and pretty. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh Baby

Even if you haven't had a baby yourself, you have probably heard about all the things pregnancy is said to do to your hair. The list is endless. Some of these claims include that your hair gets really thick while you are pregnant because you don't shed at all during, that you lose all that extra unshed built up hair after you have the baby, that your hair goes curly after giving birth, and that your hair changes colors, textures, and personality after enduring a pregnancy.

So is it true? As far as I am concerned it depends on who you ask. Women all report very different things regarding pregnancy and their hair. My personal experience? My hair didn't get noticeably thicker, or curly, or change at all really. The postpartum shed was very true for me though. About three months after having my little man my hair fell out by the handful. It was like nothing I had seen before. I was convinced I was going bald. Fully convinced. Turns out I wasn't, and the hair loss stopped after a month or two.  And it has slowly come back, one pesky new baby hair at a time.

So who is to blame for all these crazy changes? Hormones! What else? Pregnancy is insane, and is not the same for is also a bit crazy and has a mind of its own. Even without pregnancy your hair can change every few years. It is not uncommon to have completely different hair then you remember a decade ago. So when it comes to hair and pregnancy, nothing should surprise you. There are things that are more common and seem to happen to everyone, but there are a million other things that your hair might do.

Some things can be hard to cope with. Hair loss and baby hair regrowth as it comes back in are especially challenging. Using thickening products can help you feel normal when coping with the shed, and getting a serum or pomade to show those baby hairs who's boss will also help. Talk to your stylist for tips for your personal challenges and hair type.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday How To {back and forth braid}

Want another way to use french braiding in yet another hairstyle? Ok! This is really fast and easy but changes things up just a little.

Piece of cake, yes? As always you can change it up by fishtail frenching, or tying it off into a bun or curled pony. You could also go back and forth more than once if you are feeling ambitious! Have some fun!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Random Number Generator

picks ERIN!! Congrats! Thanks to seekatesew for such a fun event. Even if you didn't win hop on over and get yourself some fun accessories to spice up your do! Your options are endless.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Accessorize It {see kate sew Giveaway}

Once upon a time I went to college and met an insanely talented girl named Kate. Seriously. Mind blowing levels of talent.  Anyway she is the very same Kate of see kate sew. She is pretty much my sewing/crafting/DIY/creativity hero. Well, imagine my delight when she came out with a line of completely fabulous headbands! I simply had to try them. I was definitely NOT disappointed. She sent me a few to have some fun with, take a look!

tutorial to come

Why so many pictures? I wanted to prove that headbands are fantastic on EVERYONE. All ages, hair colors, hair lengths, and hair styles can benefit from proper hair accessories. Up, down, short, long, straight, and curled. My favorite thing about accessories is their power to dress up quick, casual hair, and take ALL hair up a notch. They get you noticed. They are wonderful. 

Extra benefits about these specific headbands? Besides being so cute, they are made extremely well. They are  unique, being handmade and all. They are also the most comfortable headbands I have ever experienced. I can leave one on from morning to night with no head ache or soreness. THAT has never happened. SO be brave, try something new, and spice up your do!

What's that? You HAVE to try one too? You are in luck! Amazing Kate is sponsoring a giveaway to give you all a chance! The winner will get $20 to the see kate sew etsy shop!
Go ahead and check out all her other fabulous stuff while you are there!

There are THREE ways to enter. You can do all three!
  1. Leave a comment about how you plan to wear your new headband and tell me your favorite item in Kate's shop. (the new dinos? to die for cute for any little current fave after the headbands)
  2. Facebook about this giveaway to spread the good news!
  3. Blog about this giveaway!
  4. What? A bonus! Followers always get an extra entry:) That brings you to a possibility of FOUR entries! 
Good Luck!
closes 9.10.11 at midnight mst

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday How To {french fishtail braid}

I love french braiding. I love fishtail braiding. BAM! Let's combine it! Here is a seriously so simple and seriously so cute tutorial you can toss in your hair for just about any occasion. Enjoy!
The smaller of sections you take the more fishtail like your braid will look. It is a subtle variation but oh so lovely. Tie it off in a curled pony, or a bun. This is another time sloppy is totally acceptable, so don't try too hard or spend too much time on it. The all natural look is fab.

Stay tuned this week for something new and a GIVEAWAY!