Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Think about it.

Happy Day of Love everyone! I hope you all do something you love today, and I hope you are all loving your hair! I did something drastic last night and it inspired me to share something with you all. Let's talk a little bit about pixie haircuts. I love them, but they are not something you should ever jump into on a whim. They are a commitment. Allow me to explain 5 things you should consider before taking the plunge.

  1. Hair texture. I think pixie cuts work best on finer, softer hair types. Coarse hair can be really hard to work with at such a short length. I also think straight hair tends to transition to super short cuts a little bit better. Getting crazy curls to do what you want can be nearly impossible. These are generalizations though, your stylist can give you an individual consult to see if a pixie is right for your hair. The right curl can actually be amazing for a short style.
  2. Face shape. This should always be a consideration when choosing a hair style. We often use a haircut to mask things you don't love about your face shape, and accentuate the things you do love. With a pixie, there is no hiding. It really opens up and exposes your face. For this reason, I think they work best on oval or heart shaped faces.
  3. The grow out. Pixie hair cuts are seriously rough to grow out, and they go through some awkward, funky stages before becoming something you will love again. It isn't a reason to NOT cut your hair short, but you deserve to know the truth. Life will be rough for a few months, though there are always things to make your life easier. (side extensions anyone?)
  4. Lack of material. Though I think short hair can be very versatile (wait for my pixie styling post), you are also limited. Especially with really short styles, things like curling, braiding, and any fort of ponytail are not really possible. If you love to do all sorts of things like that, you might miss your length.
  5. The type of pixie. Pixie is a generic term for short hair, but you have a lot of options when it comes to going short. Take the time to do your research. Look at all the pictures you can and identify what you like and don't like. Also consult with your stylist to work around any cowlicks you might have. TAKE YOUR TIME. You should want to cut a pixie for at least a month before you do it. That way you know you really want it. 
Always talk to your stylist about your specific hair and any concerns you might have. Pixie cuts are SO much fun, but not always for everyone. 

I thought I would show you MY hair! And if you were wondering, yes. I felt awkward taking pictures of myself in my front yard, but it seemed more awkward to ask someone else to do it for me. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  1. It looks awesome! I just cut my hair shoulder length and it was a big step for me. I love your posts :)

  2. Looks so great Julie, you look totally legit! Love it!

  3. What the!? You spent all day with me and didn't tell me this was going to happen?!:) I'm excited for you...LOVE IT!

  4. I love how this cut puts the focus on your eyes. You are rocking the pixie!

  5. Ooo, it looks great! I enjoyed getting my pixie and I was amazed by how little I had to do to keep it looking good. However, that meant having relatively the same look every day. And you are completely right about growing your hair out. There have been plenty of not so pretty transition phases. I'm finally at a place where I like the way it looks, but it did take a couple months of endurance. But I'm glad I did it. It was the big change I wanted at the time and it was fun to have people shocked and amazed by my huge style change.