Friday, March 30, 2012

Feature Friday {Neutrogena Build a Tan}

I know, I know, I am terrible lately! I have SO many ideas and drafts I just need to get around to posting. No excuses. Anyways, I wanted to share a product is my new love.

I am so white. My dear husband even called my skin "see through" once because I am so white. I burn easily, but I love me some color! Spray tanning, and any other form of sunless tanning have always made me super nervous. It is always risky, but when you are as white as me its flirting with disaster. I always fear turning out oompa loompa style. Anyways. A lot of the lotions that have great reviews also cost a TON. And sadly, spending big dollars to get a sunless glow is not in my gradstudentwife budget. SO enough talking. I found something magical!

Neutrogena Build a Tan! It is marvelous! I have put it on about 4 times now...and I can totally see a difference BUT. No orange, no streaks, and no nasty smell. This stuff is fabulous. I even put it on my FACE people. It is great! As always use precautions like rubbing it alllllll the way in and make it as even as you can AND always wash your hands right after you put it on. Be extra careful on ankles, feet, knees, elbows and your face. Ready for the best news? I paid well under $10 for by bottle at the Wal Mart. Picked it up while grocery convenient.

Even my "see through white" skin is taking it beautifully. TRY IT. Get yourself summer ready with NO damage to your skin. WONDERFUL. Go buy some. Now.


  1. you read my mind because last week i was thinking...i need to find out what kind of sunless tanner is best. i'm gonna go out and get me some of this TONIGHT. thanks jules!

  2. thanks for sharing. i'll have to try it :)